Clingspiration is now on Zazzle!

I discovered that a couple of people stole my original Be Strong design and are selling shirts on Zazzle. These thieves simply took the image from this site, taking out the watermark. Morality aside, this is not good because the preview image posted on this site is low resolution with a white background – so the image will be blurry when printed large, and on dark apparel, will have an ugly white box surrounding the design.

I have already reported the infringing items to Zazzle, so hopefully they can take those down.

But this incident inspired me to open up my own Zazzle shop. Since I am the original designer, I have the original high resolution image files. They will print nice and crisp even on large posters, and will look great on dark clothing. I will be adding different types of merchandise (greeting cards, posters, bags etc) to Zazzle, so please keep an eye on my Zazzle store!

My Zazzle shop:
Clingspiration on Zazzle

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