Inspirational Quote Prints and T-Shirts

Clingspiration stands for inspiration that clings.

A pithy inspirational quote by an accomplished and wise person has the power to move us. However, it’s hard to stay motivated when it’s 4 pm on Wednesday, our to-do list is endless, and our favorite inspirational quote is tucked inside a book at home.

Clingspiration aims to share the most powerful, beautiful, inspiring words through eye catching artwork. The artist carefully designs each piece to express these inspiring words in the most effective way possible.

These inspiring illustrations are available as prints or on t-shirts. Keeping these words close and visible will remind us to stay the course. By broadcasting these inspirational quotes on a shirt or on a wall, those around us can also be uplifted.

I am posting these designs as they’re created. Please check back periodically to see what’s new.

Where to get our inspirational quote merchandise

+ Our eCrater Store sells prints. It also carries a select variety of our shirts at a great price.

+ Our Shirt Store sells t-shirts and sweatshirts. The store offers lots of colors and worldwide shipping.

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